6 Affordable Countries Students Should Travel to More in 2018


Guest Post by Carley Farrell and Jordan Brenner of The Nomadic Dreamers


As students, we’re young with more free time than we realise. This is our time to travel. As we grow into ourselves, travelling can be a huge part in shaping us into put-together adult’s post-graduation. It’s safe to say that we are how we are thanks to travelling. But, if you don’t believe us, we’ll list out the reasons for you:

  • With school breaks and more flexibility to travel while in school, as well as more money to spend on leisure activities before the real world truly hits
  • Traveling as a student, as corny as it sounds, helps you learn a lot more about yourself and about other places and cultures, something you can’t learn in a classroom. Your perspective on the world grows and it helps you grow which will help you in life, trust us!
  • It is also not that expensive if you do it right, with cheap destinations around the world meaning no matter where you are, you don’t have to break the bank to go on an adventure! If you are in the United States, visiting our weekly Friday flight deals for proof!

For each (livable) continent, we chose a place that is not only affordable on a student budget, but full of beauty, culture, fun nightlife, and that’s overall an amazing country to visit:

1. North America: The United States

Okay so it depends where you go of course, but.. the United States is beautiful and can be extremely affordable, certain areas more so than others. Personally being from the United States, I have often ignored traveling and exploring my own country as much as other countries/continents even though the landscape and people are so diverse and each part of the country offers a new and unique experience.

So what areas are the most affordable to visit?

Well for one, skip the major and most well-known cities in the U.S. Instead, head to smaller cities and head to areas typically not visited that still hold their original charisma that is unique to that city and area of the country instead of larger cities that have become very international. I highly suggest visiting the South as in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, (you get the picture). But also the Southwest U.S. like Arizona, Utah and New Mexico because the landscape there is out of this world.

Specifically, places like Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Austin, Texas; Albuquerque, New Mexico, Salt Lake City, Utah; Tampa, Florida; and then places like the Smoky Mountains, the Everglades in South Florida, Arches National Park, taking a hot air balloon ride through the desert in Arizona and more!

What should you do?

Whether you go with your significant other, friend(s), or yourself, these cities and more across the U.S. are super affordable and offer so much for you to eat, see and do! I highly suggest a road trip with whoever you go with! You can split the rental car cost with friends or even take your own car which saves a lot of money and, you get to see more of a place

Written by Carley


2. South America: Colombia

Why Colombia? Well first off the gorgeous colours, landscapes and Latin passion make it a no brainer but.. Colombia is becoming a much safer place for travellers.

Many people are scared of Colombia, but in recent years Colombia is turning around a new leaf. As a traveler safety is always a concern, but vigilance and common travel sense makes Colombia and easy country to get around!

Where in Colombia should you go?

With so many stunning cities, the options are endless, but with cheap flights to Bogotá and Medellin, those are great places to start!  Bogotá, Medellin, and Cartagena each offer unique beauties that perfectly represents the striking beauty of South America.

What does Colombia have to offer?

Colombia is a country that has it all, from street art and nightlife to historical treasures like colonial Cartagena. Not only that but Colombia is home to Ciudad Perdida, ‘the lost city’. This isn’t your average tourist attraction though! With similar construction to the infamous Machu Picchu, this ancient city is hidden in dense jungle atop the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a six-day hike from the nearest town. Trekking to the ruins of this mysterious city is one of Colombia’s most rewarding adventures, but not for the faint-hearted.

I mentioned Colombia’s incredible nightlife, and I meant it! With all-night salsa clubs, get ready to shake your hips and feel the Latin passion pulsing through you!! The southern city of Cali is known as Colombia’s salsa capital, so if you’re feeling like dancing until you drop. You know where to go! Not one to stay up all night? Don’t worry – Colombian coffee will keep you going!

Written by Jordan


3. Europe: Albania

Before every other person on earth hears about it..

Go to Albania! I have been obsessing over going since forever for multiple reasons! For one, this country in the Balkans is EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE as in you can pay $4 for a night in hostel and easily under $10 to split an Airbnb or hotel with other people. Hitchhiking (although your momma probably told you not to do it) is common in the country and from what I’ve read (because I haven’t had the fortune of visiting…yet) the locals are very welcoming and actually love tourist as it is a way to bring this country out of poverty.

Albania is very safe..

I thought with the bumpy history Albania has experienced, that maybe the country was full of crime still and that is wasn’t safe for a girl traveling on her own or with other females to visit. Blog after blog, I realised this was all a misconception (one reason I love to travel – breaking those misconceptions about people and places!).

Why here?

Well for one, the capital of Tirana (where you would fly into) has culture weaving through each and every one of its communist-like architecture that rules the city. Right outside the capital are beautiful mountains to explore as well. On the Albanian Riviera, you will find crystal clear waters that rival the waters of Greece, Italy and Croatia… maybe even taking the title.

It is affordable to do see or eat anything here too! The long and ravenous history full of conquerors like the Ottoman and Roman empires have left ruins all over the country waiting for you to explore. Other countries are right in reach and a bus ride away as well making it easy to explore the who Balkans region (do I hear a Balkans road trip!?)

Head to Sarandë, the capital of the Albanian Riviera where you can party at the beach clubs or take in some more local ruins. I looked just to see, and found Airbnb’s around $40 for a apartment that could fit 6 people in it right off the water!

Overall, from the city to mountains to the rural countryside and a loop back through the Albanian Riviera with some friends and you’ll see why this country is so amazing!

Written by Carley


4. Asia: Philippines

So it may not be the cheapest country in Asia but you can easily spend less than $50 a day..

The Picture-perfect Philippines are comprised of over 7,000 islands, making it near impossible to explore each and every one of them, but I for one know that I could die happy trying.

But don’t just think of the Philippines as a place to kick back on the beach and relax, try visiting the rice paddy fields, hiking a volcanic crater (the country has tons of volcanoes), swim with whale sharks in Cebu, party in Manila or partake in one of the big festivals that occur throughout the year.

Don’t knock it till you try it..

Filipino food is a combination of other Asian cuisines and from a friend, I’ve heard it is incredibly tasty and I’m dying to try it!

Why it is perfect for students?

Well like I said before, there is so much to explore and do, not just beautiful scenery, although you will always have plenty of that, but discovering the culture and meeting the locals who are known to be some of the friendlies in the world all on a tiny budget.

You can easily spend less than $50/day when visiting the country and I have seen (at least from the states) flights in the $500’s RT to Manila.

I know it isn’t for everyone, but partying in the country is also known to be an experience everyone should have at least once in their life.

It is the perfect place to backpack for a few weeks with a friend or two, except maybe a few islands, the Philippines is safe, even for solo female travellers or groups of female travellers. I don’t know about you, but I would love to grab a few of my best friends for a two week trip to the Philippines for a little mix of everything at a budget we can manage!

Written by Carley


5. Africa: Morocco

Africa is such an incredibly diverse continent with insane beauty and cities that will leave you breathless – and Morocco is no exception!

Why Morocco?

First off, it’s easier to get to than you might think. You can take a ferry from multiple ports in Spain like Barcelona, and Tarifa or flight directly into Marrakech or Casablanca! It can be the perfect destination for the backpacking kind of traveler or if you’re a big spender looking for lavish resort life, it has it all! Personally, I’ve been to Morocco three different times and each time was completely different and magical!

Moroccan food is sooo underrated. With gorgeous dishes like tagine (I fell in love with a lamb and prune tagine) and Batilla that makes you wonder how powdered sugar on a savoury dish can be so amazing – the Moroccan food scene is a foodie’s dream!

You can shop till you drop too..

Morocco is also known for their incredible markets and souks where you can get truly unique souvenirs. They have gorgeous jewellery, fabrics, and pottery that can all be haggled for! This makes Morocco is the perfect place to test out your bargaining skills.

Written by Jordan


6. Oceania: New Zealand

New Zealand is the ultimate destination for any type of travelling. New Zealand’s gorgeous landscapes are home to some incredible hikes, water sports, and daredevil activities like skydiving and even wine tastings. Basically, if you can think of it – you can do it here!

How can you do New Zealand on a budget?

Firstly, Airbnb’s and hostels are an incredible way to save money around New Zealand. The Airbnb’s on average are from $35-75 depending on where you stay and how much space you want! Also, if you’re tight on a budget, then just enjoy the outdoor activities. The memories you can make hiking are everlasting and don’t cost a thing!

Fancy a night out?

Auckland is a city that has really stepped up its game when it comes to nightlife. With a more easy-going lifestyle in New Zealand most cities will have a more muted nightlife – but not Auckland! With a mixture of casual dining restaurants, pubs, and clubs, you have to spend a night out in Auckland. Don’t forget about Wellington though, Wellington has been the hub of nightlife in New Zealand for quite a while and for good reason.

New Zealand is one of those iconic destinations that every student should try to get to. There’s something so magical about this place – it’s diversity, sweeping landscapes, mixtures of activities and laid-back atmosphere makes it a serene destination for some soul-searching!

Written by Jordan



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